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Articles on White Privilege:
Introduction | Madeline Volek | Barbara Hacker | Nancy B. Linden | Michael Greene

What do I want other white people (i.e., those of us of European descent) to understand about white privilege? I want them to know how much easier our lives are, simply because of the color of our skin.

It is easy for me to live in the nice neighborhood I do, because I know that the neighbors will at least be civil to me. I certainly don't have to worry that I will be harassed because I look different. I can shop in any store or boutique and I will never be followed around by the store staff as a potential shoplifter, as my friends of color have been. There are behaviors I can exhibit in public and no one will attribute it to my ethnic background or skin color: I can be chronically late for meetings, I can swear or be loud in a restaurant with my friends. I am never stopped by law enforcement officials and forced to prove that I am "legal." I can do outstanding work and never be called "a credit to my race." Nor am I ever asked, "What do white people think of that?" At the end of my workday I am never exhausted from the efforts of trying to "fit in" with the majority group.

For me though, one of the most painful examples of white privilege is that I will NEVER have to educate the children in my family about racism in order to protect them from physical or emotional harm as I know my friends of color must do.

These are the things I want people who look like me to know about white privilege.

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