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The Museum's mission is to advance and share the experience and knowledge of what has happened in the past and what this has meant for Native peoples today; to preserve the memory of those who died or suffered; to offer comfort, support, encouragement and understanding; and to encourage its visitors to reflect upon the need for dignity of and respect among all peoples.

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Articles on White Privilege:
Introduction | Madeline Volek | Barbara Hacker | Nancy B. Linden | Michael Greene

I was brought up in the deep South by loving parents who gave me the constant reassurance that I was smart, attractive, talented and that the world belonged to me if I wanted it. I wasn't one of "those people" who just didn't have what it takes to be successful and happy in life. And, predictably, doors of opportunity were opened for me. Only in the last 7 years of my 47 years have I become aware that the entire system of values and beliefs that I grew up with are suspect because they have so often excluded the cultures and values and even rights of most of the world's population. That is because most of the world's population is not white. Because I am white and privileged, ironically I could not see this reality. I have had to re-learn this most basic lesson: that the meaning of life is about being a human being with a capacity for loving and valuing all people.

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